Sustainability, Inclusivity & Quality.

In a world of mass-production, quality and precision can be hard to come by. It's often forgotten that clothing is made by a real person, someone who sits at the sewing machine making the garment for you. 

 We release seasonless pieces that exist outside of trends as opposed to collections, and our tailors along with the Quality team make sure that every piece is worthy of investment. 

 marbl. man clothing has been designed to combine effortless style and wearability. Using the best natural materials –linen, cupro, cotton – we specialize in inclusive clothing, with every design available in an extensive size range, from S up to 4XL. Each is available in a wide range of colors, with up to 10 colourways offered for every garment, and modest options available. 

 Shape and fit are integral to our brand’s success. Regardless of your size or gender, we are committed to creating clothing that not only fits every time but fits comfortably, sits properly and looks amazing.  

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So what exactly do we do Ethically & Sustainably?  

Garment production: 

 Our tailors are all currently based in the UAE, Dubai. The Head Tailor along with the team are working on producing the garments every day except for the official weekend. Each tailor is being paid up to 40% of the total price for each garment. 

Materials & fabrics: We are still not perfect in using only sustainable fabrics, but we are working on improving it everyday. So far around 70% of our fabrics are made of natural, organic, regenerated, or recycled fibers. Our goal for 2024 is to reach to 90%.

What we did so far: 

  • Only produce made-to-order garments to avoid waste 
  • The fabric leftovers are always used for crop tops or scrunchies, instead of throwing it away 
  • Switched to sustainable kraft packaging, instead of plastic
  • We collect all of our returned items with flaws for either re-sell or donation. We NEVER throw away or destroy faulty items. 
  • We mostly ship our orders by ground (within GCC region)
  • We only attach 1 hand tag with necessary Garment Care information, no extra tags for branding purposes.

What we plan to do in 2024: 

  • Source more options for eco-friendly silk, linen and cotton fabrics 
  • Switch all the buttons to organic ones 
  • Switch our current label to organic cotton label

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